The two big factors in determining cost of an animation project—running time and complexity.

Low Complexity

For videos composed of largely static drawings brought to life with time-lapse animation and simple movement.

Medium Complexity

For videos that have more movement but require less detailed art assets and have relaxed pacing.

NOTE: The video examples have different art styles, but the complexity does not determine the video’s art style. Complexity deals with how the video is animated, so the best way to compare each level is to watch the videos in action.

High Complexity

For videos with human or animal subjects, detailed facial expressions, a walk cycle or other natural motion that require a set of animations working together. These videos have quick pacing to deliver a lot of content in a short period of time, making them great for commercials.

Ballpark 1min


Additional charges? Nope! Everything is included. Exceptions: large volume of sound FX? Multiple narrators?

(if this fits within your budget) Costs Up Front and (In it’s entirety)