Diverse audience.
Same page.

Animation that introduces and explains what you're about. Visualization that brings teams together on the same page. Inspired, illuminated documents to improve attention, retention and understanding.

Original design and animation services by David Michael Moore.
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When you’ve got legal problems, finding the right attorney shouldn’t be one of them.

Find the right lawyer for your case

Zealous is an online service that lets users assess their legal case with a simple questionnaire, then matches them with a lawyer that specializes in their situation.

It's a quick and easy process that can bring peace of mind to someone facing...consequences... Searching for a lawyer can be stressful, that's why Zealous locates lawyers that specialize in your case and makes the introduction on your behalf. Users get to go on with their day with one less thing to worry about. 

Other services by David Michael Moore


Get on the same page with your team with simple, easy to understand visuals. (Graphic Facilitation)


Organize content visually--create layouts with depth and clarity. (Dynamic Documents)


Create one-of-a-kind, beautiful artwork and take your branding to the next level. (Branding and Identity)



Behind the Scenes WITH ZEALOUS

All animation projects follow a set path from concept to completion.



Before there's a script, there's your objectives, ideas and dreams. We'll combine all that info together into a preliminary creative brief, then start collaborating and creating together on a whiteboard as we talk through a general outline. This initial session is designed to put us on the same page and put the project on the right track.




Are you looking to push boundaries or stay safe?

While you  script, why not see how far we can push this thing, right? An outline with a solid voice and view of the world can rock this thing in a new way to get heads turning. Let me suggest some interesting ways to push the creative boundaries.




I'll make some suggestions on your script and providing some light editing as we work out how to make your spot as concise and clear as possible. By working with Google docs we can share comments and revisions instantly.


4. Storyboard

The storyboard provides an outline of visuals and transitions we'll use to discuss ...



5. Illustration

Original art created to fit your narrative to a T. (Most vector…)



6. Studio Recording (Voiceover)

Select from a wide variety of recording artists to narrate and give your characters a voice. All dialogue is recorded in a professional studio for the highest sound quality, and you're invited to sit-in during the process.


7. Animation

There are several different ways we can turn a static image into motion graphics. Let’s get the right level of animation to fit your budget, (see low, medium, high on the pricing page.)



8. Music Selection

The last step is to score your masterpiece! I’ll narrow down a vast library to a handful of recommended royalty-free music tracks for you to choose from. If you're looking for an original music track, I partner with HatPineapple for custom compositions! (additional fee applies)



9. HD Video EXPORT

You'll receive the final product in high-definition 1920 x 1080 resolution.


Every Project is Different.

When providing a project estimate, the major factors that determine cost is Running Time and Complexity of Animation.